Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Direct Mail? Part 1 of 2

Why use direct mail?  Isn’t this form of advertising going extinct?  With the world becoming more digitized every day, one might think so.  However, every month you receive direct mail from the same companies over and over again.  Banks and insurance companies constantly flood your mailbox.  Do you think these companies would keep repeatedly sending the same offer in the mail if they weren’t seeing results?  Would you continue to do something in your own business if it wasn’t working?

The fact is that direct mail works and is growing in popularity as marketers seek out a means to speak to consumers on a one-to-one level.  The ability to send a targeted message to the right person is a powerful thing.

Direct mail is here to stay but if you need proof as to why you should join this movement, consider the following evidence:

  • Mail is measurable.  You can track the cost per response.
  • Mail is real.  In a digitized world, mail enables your senses to physically interact with a marketing message.
  • Mail is personal.  How would you send a birthday card, love letter or thank you note to someone you care about?
  • Mail speaks to you.  Your name is on the mail, with your address and your specific message that the marketer knows is relevant to you.
  • Mail benefits from technology.  Advances in data mining allow you to send a tailored message to a specific demographic and audience.
  • Mail reinforces brand loyalty.  When you receive mail from a brand that you already trust, the mail is received more positively.  In addition, mail complements and integrates well with other forms of advertising such as TV, email, radio and a website.
  • Google mails.  The largest internet company in the world uses direct mail to advertise.
  • Mail stands out.  The average consumer receives 45 emails for every one piece of direct mail.

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