Monday, March 15, 2010

Eat Your Mail

I was reading Deliver Magazine recently and noticed a feature on marketing through product sampling where one company has taken the concept to a new level. We have all been drawn to free samples in a grocery store and often are enticed into buying that sampled product. This promotion however has always been limited to an in-the-store experience. Well a new technology called Peel ‘n Taste® was recently developed by First Flavor ( that gives the end user the ability to taste the flavor of the product with a film strip that dissolves in your mouth. Now you can let your customers taste your product in an easy and affordable way across multiple marketing channels. You can send the film strip along with a direct mail campaign or attach to an advertisement in a magazine. Or use the strips as a giveaway at your next event. Anyway you decide to incorporate this technology, it is sure to be a perfect way to market food and beverages with the aid of printing.

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  1. Mathew, as the president and co-founder of First Flavor ( it was great that you 'got it' by reading the Deliver magazine article. While we do lots of POS taste sampling via shelf-edge dispensers at retail, the real opportunity of Peel 'n Taste is in print.

    The research on the effectiveness of Peel 'n Taste flavor samples on magazine print ads and direct mail is quite extraordinary. For example, the February 18, 2008 issue of People Magazine featured an ad for Welch's Grape Juice with a grape juice flavored sample which ran on page 75. This ad had more brand recall, consumer awareness and purchase intent, per a study conducted for Time Inc. by GfK Starch, than the gatefold front cover ad (4 ages) for Zyrtec in that issue. In fact, this 'middle of the publication' ad had the equivalent effectiveness of an 8-page insert, (per the same GfK Starch study)!

    When talking about making print relevant in a digital era, adding taste and scent samples to print ads drive consumer engagement and SALES!